Have you ever wondered how you can use your talents and passions in a job while still having time to raise your kids?

Over the six years I’ve had children, I’ve worked part-time in interesting jobs and volunteering for organizations I care about. On this blog, I write for women who want to build meaningful careers through part-time work and volunteering while caring for their children.

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My husband, Matthew, and I have been married for 9 years. He’s a business intelligence software consultant. I take care of Katherine (6), Joshua (4), and Estel (1), in between working, reading, and sleeping. I’m a social media instructor for the European Journalism Centre, a freelance writer and editor for various clients, and I help out at Damascus Road International Church. I like my Bengal cats, Bugaboo and Bungalow, and I hate cleaning my room.

Playing Blue’s Clues with K and J / In Munich with M

Bugaboo and Bungalow